Many fewer people get the opportunity to write about them so I thought of writing about me as my First Post.I am a B.tech 2nd Year Student in Electronic and Communication Engineering and a passionate Blogger,Designer and Internet Marketer. I am always eager to learn new things in the Blogging and Digital Marketing Industry and to fulfill this I used to spend much of my time with my Laptop.

Apart From Blogging, I love Travelling and Photography.Let’s Start from beginning. It was the second semester of my engineering and I was frustrated with the assignments and tutorials in college and wanted to do something else apart from my engineering syllabus.

I was Thinking to do something unique and in the meanwhile, I met with one of my Senior Vikash Kumar who told me about Blogging and also inspired me by showing his payment screenshots.

At that moment I thought of Making a blog and started collecting information about Blog and Blogging. And then I started with Event Blog and after getting success in that event,I sharpened my Blogging Skills by doing many Events.

Life is Nothing Without Failure….I faced many failures in my Blogging Journey but I never Quit and faced all the challenges to continue Blogging and at last, I ended with becoming an Expert in Blogging and started making money not only by Blogging but also by giving services regarding Blogging.

The Purpose of this Blog is to help other newbies who wanted to do Blogging but are facing problems making a Blog.Learning never Ends…Still Learning…Here I will tell you all the Details about Blogging,SEO, and Digital Marketing and Don’t worry You will get all the ideas for Free.

Last Words: 

Nothing is Impossible…..Impossible also says I m possible… Life is to be continued, and my journey is too………..Presently started a project to run my own company named Digisharkmedia